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Tales Of Moonsea
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  Tales of Moonsea

Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG

Moradin The Soul Forger, Dwarffather, All-Father
Greater Dwarven Deity
Symbol: Hammer and anvil
Home Plane: Dwarfhome
Alignment: Lawful good
Portfolio: Dwarves, creation, smithing, protection, metalcraft, stonework
Worshipers: Dwarven defenders, dwarves, engineers, fighters, miners, smiths
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
Domains: Craft, Dwarf, Earth, Good, Law, Protection

Favored Weapon: "Soulhammer" (warhammer)

oradin.(mor-uh-din) is a stern paternal deity, gruff and uncompromising, and hard as stone when it comes to protecting his chosen race. A harsh but fair judge, he is strength and force of will embodied. He inspires dwarven inventions and constantly seeks to improve that race, encouraging their good nature, intelligence, and harmonious existence with other good races while battling their pride and isolationist tendencies. His warhammer is a weapon and a tool, called Soulhammer.

The church of Moradin has an active role in guiding the morals of dwarven communities. They emphasize the Soul Forger's hand in everyday dwarven activities such as mining, smithing, and engineering, and invoke his blessing when these tasks are begun. They lead the push to found new dwarven kingdoms and increase the status of dwarven in surface communities. They take an active role in teaching the young of the communities and oversee most formal ceremonies. Of particular interest to the clerics of Moradin are the Thunder Children, and his clerics who- were born of the Thunder Blessing are expected to do great things for the race.

Clerics of Moradin, known as sonnlinor ("those who work stone") pray in the morning. Offerings are made to the Soul Forger on a monthly basis. The ranking cleric of a community can declare any day a holy day to celebrate a local event. Many communities celebrate Hammer 1st, for that date in the 1306 DR the Year of Thunder) is held to be the start of the sudden increase in dwarven births, a blessing of the Dwarf-father that has brought about a great turnaround in the dwarven race. His clerics commonly multiclass as dwarven defenders or fighters.

History/Relationships: Moradin is held in dwarven myths to have been incarnated from rock, stone, and metal, and that his soul is an ember of fire. He forged the bodies of the first dwarves from metals and gems and breathed souls into them when he blew on his creations to cool them. He is the leader of the dwarven pantheon and it was his decision that banished the evil gods of the derro and duergar from the surface. He has a strategic but cool alliance with Gond, Kossuth, Helm, Torm, Tyr, and the heads of the elven, gnome, and halfling pantheons. He opposes the gods of the goblinoids, orcs, evil giants, and banished dwarves.

Dogma: Moradin is the father and creator of the dwarven race. Honor him by emulating his principles and workmanship in smithing, stoneworking, and other tasks. Wisdom is derived from life and tempered with experience. Advance the dwarven race in all areas of life. Innovate with new processes and skills. Found new kingdoms and clan lands, defending the existing ones from all threats. Lead the dwarves in the traditions laid down by the Soul Forger. Honor your clan leaders as you honor Moradin.