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  Tales of Moonsea

aces of Faerun


Dwarves ruled vast kingdoms beneath hill and mountains long before humans wandered into Faerun. Many sages suspect that the first dwarves came to Faerun millennia ago in a great migration from another plane. However it occurred so long ago that evidence of it is almost nonexistent and meanwhile the dwarves are now as natural a part if Faerun as the mountains themselves. The two main dwarven subraces are the shield dwarves of northern Faerun and the gold dwarves of the far south. The gray dwarves, or duergar, are an Underdark race less common than their surface kindred. The gray dwarves are generally evil, although a few exiles defy this rule.
Shield Dwarves
Gold Dwarves


Faerun is home to six major subraces of elves, which some sages believe were brought to this plane long ago by their gods. The moon elves, sun elves and wood elves are joined in loose allegiance to the traditions and authority represented by the Elven Court, now located on the island of Evermeet, and in the person of Queen Amlaruil. Most drow elves treat other elves as dispised enemies, and the wild elves usually ignore the decrees of the civilized elves of Evermeet. The sea elves are an aquatic people who rarely interact with their surface kindred. The racial name for elves is Tel-quessir ("the people"), with each subrace having a variant describing its particular kind of elf.
Moon Elves
Sun Elves
Wood Elves


The human scholars of Candlekeep refer to the gnomes as the Forgotten Folk, for their willful evasion of the great wars and tragedies that color the history of Faerun's other races. While the gnomes have been slaves of powerful nations such as Netheril and Calminshan in the past, they have never been conquerors. For the most part, they have lived in out-of-the-way forests and hills, untroubled by the conflicts that occupy human, elven and dwarven attention.
Rock Gnomes
Deep Gnomes

Half Elves

Half Elves


Three major subraces of Halfling dwell in Faerun: the lightfoot halflings, the rare ghostwise halflings, and the strongheart halfling of Luiren in the south. Like the rock gnomes, many halflings live among the Big Folk in the human lands. They are resourceful and quick, perfectly at home among the sprawling human lands or living apart in their own settled communities.
Lightfoot Halflings
Strongheart Halflings

Half Orcs

Half Orcs



Special Races

You will need to apply for these races by sending an application to the DM team.  More information in link.
Special Races