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Tales Of Moonsea
Players: 0/30

  Tales of Moonsea

Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, NG 


Selûne: Our Lady of Silver, the Moonmaiden (Intermediate Deity)

Symbol: Pair of female eyes surrounded by seven silver stars.
Home Plane: Gates of the Moon
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Good and neutral lycanthropes, moon, navigation, questers, stars, wanderers.
Worshipers: Female spellcasters, good and neutral lycanthropes, navigators, monks (Sun Soul), sailors
Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, NG
Domains: Chaos, Good, Moon, Protection, Travel

Favored Weapon: "The Rod of Four Moons" (heavy mace)

elûne (seh-loon-ay) represents the mysterious power of the moon, the celestial force that influences the tides, changes lycanthropes, orders reproductive cycles, and pulls at the edge of sanity. An incalculably ancient deity, Selûne approaches existence with the placid calm of dappled moonlight. Like the moon itself, the quietly mystical Lady of Silver has many faces. At times, she seems distant, cloaked in the sadness of past defeats and tragedies. At others, she dances joyfully, her lithe form glowing with majestic radiance. A chaotic being well accustomed to change, Selûne can be counted on for at least one constant -- her ceaseless war against her archnemesis Shar. Together the two created Toril and infused it with life, and ever since, they have battled over the fate of their creation.

Many of Faerûn's residents live according to the dictates of the night sky, and hence Selune boats a highly diverse body of worshipers. Seafarers turn to the star-speckled canopy above their nocturnal voyages to navigate the seaways, often offering prayers to the Moonmaiden to protect them from Umberlee's attentions. Nonevil lycanthropes honor Selune as the master of their fate, as do astrologers and fortune tellers, albeit for different reasons. The common folk know servants of Selune as mysterious agents of good, enemies of evil werebeasts and undead, and caretakers of lunatics and the infirm. Though few understand the intricacies of her ancient religion, most good-hearted Faerûnians respect her clergy and pay homage to her when the moon is full.

Clerics of Selûne pray for their spells at night, always facing in the direction of the moon when visible. Women heavily outnumber men, and many of the church's rituals honor the woman's role as a teacher and role model in the home and in society at large. Selûne's doctrine suggests that the moon exerts a subtle influence upon natural cycles of a woman's body. A female cleric of Selûne believes she is closest to her deity during the full moon, and during that period, she conducts morning ceremonies to open herself to special visions, insights, and intuitions. Milk, as a symbol of motherhood and the sustaining power of the feminine, plays an important role in most Selûnite ceremonies. All clerics observe two annual holidays, the Conjuring of the Second Moon, held every Shieldmeet, is a coordinated chant at every Faerûnian temple of Selûne. This confluence of devotional energy summons the Shards, a cadre of blue-haired female planetars, to do the bidding of Selûne's terrestrial clergy for a single night -- usually battling the forces of Shar. On the following dawn, the Shards elevate one mortal cleric to their order. The Mystery of the Night must be performed once every year by each cleric of Selûne. During the ritual, clerics fly high into the air to commune with the Moonmaiden while in a deep trance. Selune's clerics often multi-class as bards, silverstars, or sorcerers.

HISTORY/RELATIONSHIPS: According to the oldest myths, Lord Ao created the universe that now holds the world of Toril. Through this act of creation, protoplasmic raw existence took the form of twin deities, Selûne and Shar, birthed the heavenly bodies, in the process creating Chauntea as the animating spirit of the world of Toril. Chauntea begged the sisters to grant her world warmth and light that life might flourish upon it. Selûne relented, igniting the sun with elemental fire. Shar, who treasured the primordial darkness and resented Chauntea's concept of life, lashed out at her sister, initiating a conflict that has endured to the present day. Enraged, the Lady of Loss snuffed out the lights of Selune, greatly weakening her in magical battle. Finally, the Moonmaiden tore a piece of her magical essence from herself and flung it at Shar. When the blast hit the Dark Deity, it ripped away some of her essence as well. From the meld of light and dark energies came Mystryl, a being of pure magic who went on to shepherd the Weave blanketing all Toril.

Mystryl more closely identified with Selune, granting the Moonmaiden a powerful ally -- at terrible cost. Selûne's magical onslaught cast Shar into the darkness for centuries and allowed warmth and light to grace Toril, but the assault wounded her to the core. Since then her power as waxed and waned with the passing of Epochs, while Shar, ever waiting to strike from the shadows, retains much of her ancient strength. Selûne's power seems to be on the rise. Prior to the Time of Troubles, her potency had ebbed to the point that she was a servitor to Sune Firehair. In the last decade, however, she has once again branched out on her own, forging new alliances in her eternal battle against her dark sister. Among her strongest allies in this cause is Mystra (the second deity to follow her ancient, long-dead friend as protector of the Weave), especially since Shar created the mysterious Shadow Weave, a force antithetical to Mystran doctrine. Lliira and Eilistraee share Selûne's love of moonlit frolics. She respects Lathander's passion and hopes that by working together the two can cast destroying light upon Shar's ever- present darkness. Selûne struggles with Umberlee over the fate of ships at sea, and with Mask over the evil he commits in the moonlight's dark shadows.

DOGMA: Let all on whom Selûne's light falls be welcome if they desire. As the silver moon waxes and wanes, so too does life. Trust in Selûne's radiance, and know that all love alive under her light shall know her blessing. Turn to the moon, and she will be your true guide. Promote acceptance and tolerance. See all other beings as equals. Aid fellow Selûnites as if they were your dearest friends.