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Tales Of Moonsea
Players: 0/30

  Tales of Moonsea

Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG

Waukeen:Merchant's Friend (Lesser Deity)

Symbol: Gold coin with Waukeen's profile facing left
Home Plane: Brightwater
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Trade, Money, Wealth
Worshipers: Merchants, traders, the wealthy, rogues, (those who learn the thiefly art in order to fight thieves)
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: Knowledge, Protection, Travel, Trade, Pride

Favored Weapon: Cloud of coins (nunchaku)

ibrant and vivacious, Waukeen (wah-keen) is a relatively young, hardworking deity who loves wealth not for itself but for what can be done and acquired with it. She enjoys bargaining and the hustle and bustle of the marketplace. She rules over deals done above and below the table-- legitimate as well as black-market commerce. She is interested in innovation, but can also be stubborn and persistent, which sometimes gets her into trouble. The Merchant's Friend appears as a slim, beautiful woman with golden eyes and long, luxuriant hair the hue of spun gold. Her gowns are woven of gleaming, gem-studded strips of precious metals and her gold-soled boots made from links of laced pearls. Widely admired and envied before the Time of Troubles, the Merchant's Friend's church suffered greatly during the Interdeium of Waukeen, a span of several years in which she was missing and presumed dead. Although Waukeen has begun revitalizing the faith of her worshipers, the opinion of the outside world may take far longer to recover. All sorts of rumors about Waukeen's disappearance and return are still being banded about, with allegations that she is really dead or that she consorted with fiends being the most damaging and persistent tales told.

Clerics of Waukeen pray for spells just before sundown and must initiate their prayers by throwing a coin into a ceremonial bowl or a body of water. The church celebrates a dozen high festivals spaced over the course of the year that honor accounting (Gold Counting Comfort on Hammer 15), textiles (Great Wave on Alturiak 20), wealth (High Coin on 30 Ches), generosity (Spheres on Tarsakh 10), benefactors (Sammardach on Mirtul 12), finery (Brightbuckle on Kythorn 21), deal-making (Sornyn Flamerule 3-5), bounty (Huldark on Elesias 17), magic (Spryndalstar on Eleint 7), guards (Marthoon on Marpenoth 1), craft (Tehennteahan on Uktar 10), and the dark side of wealth (a solemn remembrance of the evils of excess) (Orbar on Nightal 25). Clerics often multi-class as bards, goldeyes, or rogues to enhance their contracts and negotiating skills.

HISTORY/RELATIONSHIPS: At the Time of Troubles Waukeen was still a relatively young deity with few enemies other than Mask, whose portfolio was naturally opposed to hers. As such, it was quite unexpected that Waukeen was never seen during the Time of Troubles and never reclaimed her mantle following its conclusion. The truth behind her disappearance is that she conspired with Lliira to leave her divine mantle behind and escape to the Astral Plane with the aid of a deity from another world. Once on the Astral Plane, she intended to make her way back to her realm via the Abyss through the purchased aid of the demon lord Graz'zt. However, Graz'zt betrayed her, making her his prisoner, and it was not until she was rescued by daring adventurers in 1371 DR that she regained her divinity. Waukeen has since revitalized and reassured her worshipers of her existence and her restored divine power. She is very closely allied with Lliira (who held her portfolio in trust while she was imprisoned), Gond (whose inventions she appreciates), and Shaundakul (whose portfolio complements hers). Aside from Mask, her only true enemy is Graz'zt, against whom she has sworn her eventual revenge.

DOGMA: Mercantile trade is the best road to enrichment. Increasing the general prosperity buys ever greater civilization and happiness for intelligent folk worldwide, bringing people closer to the golden age that lies ahead. Destroy no trade goods, raise no restrictions to trade, and propagate no malicious rumors that could harm someone's commerce. Challenge and refute unproven rumors that could negatively impact trade when heard. Give money freely to beggars and businesses, for the more coin everyone has, the greater the urge to spend and trade rather then hoard. To worship Waukeen is to know wealth. To guard your funds is to venerate her, and to share them well seeds your future success. Call on her in trade, and she will guide you in wise commerce. The bold find gold, the careful keep it, and the timid yield it up.