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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
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  Tales of Moonsea

ahlingen Graveyard

This huge cemetery is located north of the city, just across the Stojanow river. This gloomy place was haunted by a vampire and a plethora of undead creatures for many years. Even though the vampire himself was destroyed a long time ago, many insist that new, more terrible undead have since taken up residence in the graveyard. However, few dare to go into the graveyard and even fewer stay long enough to confirm or dispel those claims.

And who could blame them? Valhingen Graveyard is a terrifying piece of unholy ground indeed. Overturned tombstones, desecrated pantheons, dug out coffins and half buried skeletons all contribute to the impression of a malevolent presence and an impending evil just beyond the corner of one’s eye. Nobody even dares to adventure what may be burrowed beneath the ground.

Not surprisingly, this is probably the only unclaimed section of Phlan that is not riddled with goblins, orcs or some other remnant of the invaders of times past. Even such evil beings are clever enough to let some places unmolested, and those who were not clever enough to do that are definitely nowhere to be found.

Citizens who are unfortunate enough to be walking past Valhingen at dusk usually keep an uneasy eye on the northwest section of the burial grounds. Even though they cannot always see it, they feel tremendous evil there still. Adventurers are always welcome to explore it at their own risk.