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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
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  Tales of Moonsea

he Harbor of Phlan

The Harbor of Phlan is far from being a major stop in the Moonsea sea lanes, but it is still a very busy trading hub. Despite its smaller size compared to other harbors it is often used as a refuge for ships in the frequent and treacherous storms that often gather in the Moonsea. It is the main point of entry for goods and people into the city, and as such it has been thoroughly reconstructed to the point it hardly bears the marks of the repeated invasions of the city. A heavily fortified wall separates the docks from the Harbor district, and the only gate through is well manned by watchmen from the nearby Porthouse.

The Harbor district fashions a bustling marketplace where all kinds of goods are purchased and exchanged. Several inns of very different quality are located in the area, catering for the many one night stoppers and occasional visitors. A large section is covered by warehouses where cargoes are constantly being unloaded, stored and moved about.

As with any harbor, the area is generally populated with lower class citizens, docks workers and stranded sailors waiting to get on a ship. Generally speaking, the areas near the Porthouse and the marketplace are rather safe during the day. The warehouse area, however, is filled with all kinds of patibulary scum and those who have no business in there do better staying away. The Harbor at night is not recommended for anyone, as fights among drunken sailors and muggings are common, and the Watch usually stays out of the streets except for the occasional patrol.