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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
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  Tales of Moonsea

he Old City

The Old City is the wealthiest district in Phlan. Studded with all kinds of landmarks, it hosts the City Hall, site of the Phlan Council; the Justice Hall, headquarters of the militia; and the Mayor house. It also contains a number of temples, prominent among them the white marble dome of the Waiting, the magnificent temple of Tyr.

The Old City was unscathed during the war and is also the highest point in the city, so naturally the affluent are drawn to live there. The most important families of Phlan have their estates in this area, and they compete with one another to portray their wealth through the lavishness of their homes. The most refined inns in Phlan are also located in the Old City, as well as the more up market shopping choices.

Also remarkable are the almost mythical Crater of Argulorax, the point where an ancient black dragon is said to have impacted against the ground; and Vahlegen Park, a haven of nature in the middle of the city.

The streets of the Old City are often teeming with people going back and forth to their prayers, shopping or simply chatting with friends or acquaintances. The heavy presence of Watchmen and private security details makes crime on these streets all but unheard of. It is said, rather, that the most callous criminals of the Old City choose to ply their trade from within the lavish estates of the rich and comely