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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
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  Tales of Moonsea

odol Plaza

This district lies directly north of the Old City, and it is a much more mixed neighbourhood in the sense that people of all walks of life often mingle in it streets. The quality of the buildings and the wealth of their inhabitants range from the wealthy near the Old City to the poor closer to the Western Ruins. The area is host to both luxurious estates and lowly homes.

The North Gate opens to a drawbridge that allows passage to and from the mainland of Faerun. Travelers arriving to Phlan by land do so through this gate and are greeted by the noise and mayhem from the Trading Post Bazaar, and the eerie silence from the gallows in the Hanging Courtyard.

The most important landmark of Podol Plaza is without doubt Kuto's Well. This is little more than a hole in the ground which is said to have played some important role in the history of Phlan and to give access to untold horrors that lurk in the depths beneath the city. The truth is a detachment of watchmen keeps guard at all times and prevents entrance to anyone without a written permit issued by the Council, and most citizens who walk by look warily at the dried well as if expecting something to leap at them from its yawning darkness.

Podol Plaza is a rather well guarded district with its own Watchhouse, as required to protect the Bazaar's customers from petty thieves and the North Gate from possible attackers. The area is, however, a bustling hive of activity for criminals led by a group of thieves and small time brigands known collectively as 'The Welcomers'. These felons are surprisingly well regarded by the populace of the city and tolerated by the majority of citizens since they only target foreigners and travelers stopping off to restock their supplies. Even the Watch takes the approach of keeping them under control rather than trying to remove them completely because of their popularity. They are however a thorn in the Council's side since their activity is a deterrent for new settlers and merchants to come to Phlan.