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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
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  Tales of Moonsea

he River District

The River District is one of the few sections of Phlan that lie in the mainland and the only one that has been pacified beyond the Stojanow river. It is linked to the Old City by the bridge of Umheer and it is the most apparent display of the ongoing reclaiming effort by the citizens of Phlan. This district, while still very much in ruins and showing the effect of a long period under the control of monsters, is already wiped clean of these and under reconstruction. Although beyond a narrow sliver of ''no man's land'' the land is still crawling with all manner of hostile creatures.

The most important landmark in the area is the majestic and foreboding temple of Bane, the Dreadlord's Throne, which is in the process of being put back into business by a huge number of men that work day and night perched on the scaffoldings that cover the building almost in its entirety. The scarce population of the district is mostly composed of adventurers as well as bounty hunters, since the unclaimed area beyond it is a favorite hiding place for fugitives that prefer the risk of living among monsters to the certainty of a rope around their necks.

Only the bravest and the craziest risk their lives crossing over to the unclaimed area beyond the River District, but there is no shortage of those in Phlan. Adventuring parties often go deep into the danger zone either in search of riches and glory for themselves, or paid and sponsored by the Council or some of the factions in the city. A good share of them never return, or do so without the desired riches or glory. Even worse, creatures often scurry back into the reclaimed area, which is a big deterrent for settlers to move into the district in sizable numbers.