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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
Players: 4 / 30

  Tales of Moonsea

he Artisans District

Once, nothing but barren skeletons of destroyed buildings stood in the Artisans District. Lately,however, the once vibrant and lively neighbourhood that overlooked the Moonsea many moons ago is returning to life. The once again upcoming district is centered around the Scholars' Square, once the hub of learning in Phlan and the Moonsea Region. A long time ago, libraries, religious schools, sage houses, and other institutes of learning could be found there, the streets awash with eager students and learned academics. The Square is dominated by the still-imposing edifice that was formerly the site of Mendor's Library. The Library, formerly one of the finest libraries and greatest centers of knowledge in the Moonsea area, attracted visitors coming from as far away as Cormyr to do research in its heyday. 

When the nearby Western District was retaken and pacified, the focus of the reclaiming efforts shifted east of the city to the River District. The Artisans District, along with the former Textiles District, was patrolled and pacified by the Waiting, the church of Tyr. With the return of the Princes of Phlan in the person of Sellent Aventus-Valjevo, the Library is currently housing the Prince and his Court, until the Stojanow District reconstructions are finished.