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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
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  Tales of Moonsea

tojanow Gate

The Stojanow river received its current name from a Dwarven word meaning “trade route", for it was down this passage the ore-laden barges floated to the south and the Moonsea. The river enters its delta branching off into two separate channels that separate Valjevo Island and the mainland. The Stojanow Gate was built to defend the city from potential attacks coming down the river, as well as to serve as the entrance for the rulers of Phlan and their visitors during the reign of the Valjevo dynasty. The district was organized around Valjevo Castle, the site from where the Valjevos ruled the city for centuries.

Today there is little resemblance of the regal ambience that used to fill this area. Valjevo Castle still stands visible from anywhere in the city, but only as a mere shell that serves as a reminder of both the greatness of yore and its inevitable decay and ruin. The towers of the castle still compete in height with the most modern buildings, but they only evoke the threat that always looms over the often decimated city.

Because it is said the Stojanow Gate district and the castle itself are the center where all evil emanates from. The creatures that dwell in it are far too horrible to contemplate and impossible to expel by the sword. Demons and devils and beings that are not dead are rumored to lurk among the ruins. The few lunatics that have gone into the district and have been so lucky as to return with their bodies and souls in one piece only reinforce those rumors.

Why would anyone want to go deep into such an abominable place? Why not just erect an impregnable wall and forget about its very existence? Well, because somewhere beneath the rubble and debris lies hidden the holy grail for any keen adventurers: one of the rumored locations of the mythical Pool of Radiance. This Pool, first discovered by the elves according to the legends, is considered an outright myth by the most learned sages. Indeed, its location and description as well as its alleged powers change wildly depending on the source. Many have claimed to have found it but none of them have been able to lead others back to it. All of this does nothing to diminish its appeal for those who crave the greatest glory of being the ones to finally reveal the Pool to all of Faerun… or to keep it for themselves.