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Tales Of Moonsea
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  Tales of Moonsea

horn Island

Thorn Island (or Isle, as it is referred to by some) is the outermost major island in the Stojanow River delta, the other one being Valjevo Island, where most of Phlan lies. The island has a prominent place in the history of Phlan since it was the last focus of resistance against the dragon army that once took and razed the city. The fortress of Sokol Keep, which rests atop the solitary hill that presides the island, once served as the place where Councilman Ferran Martinez, cleric of Tyr and the few remaining survivors of the battle made their last stand and perished to the last man.

The restoration of the Keep has started recently, as it has ben acquired by the powerful Yurogov family.The works proceeds slowly as rumors of ghosts and apparitions are pervasive, making it difficult to hire workers. The powers that be, however, insist that no sightings have been substantiated with evidence.

The island is connected to Phlan via a ferry that departs from the Harbor and returns several times a day. Due to the location of the island at the mouth of the delta, there have been talks of rebuilding the lighthouse that used to help the navigation of ships in and out of the Harbor. However, the lack of workers willing to earn their living on cursed soil has made this project virtually impossible to undertake until the Keep is finished.