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Tales Of Moonsea
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Tales of Moonsea

onate to Tales of Moonsea

Tales of Moonsea is a non-profit gaming server dedicated to provide a online D&D gaming experience free of charge. No donation is required to play, but greatly appreciated. Donating will not give you any special benefit in the game except a big "Thank You" from the DM Team and the warm feeling that you supported us.

The money donated will be used exclusively to help us pay the hosting fee for the server(s) dedicated to run the NWN2 module and the forum pages which has so far been paid by the ToM DM team. In the future it might be used to buy a dedicated server or upgrading the hosted server to increase the responsiveness of the NWN2 server and the number of players.

To facilitate an orderly and timely handling of funds, all donations will be received and handled by DM Garlic since he arranged and is paying for the server. To add security and ease of use all donations are channeled through PayPal.