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Important rules and regulations.

1. Armor restrictions. No metal armor unless your Deity specifically allows metal armor (Mielikki only). You will loose Druid abilities while wearing metal armor or using many metal weapons.

2. Druids must select one of the gods on the right as their deity.  Not all deities are available to all races and alignments.

Further information on playing a Druid by Foolish Owl

Druids seek to understand the living, dynamic world of nature and life.

Nature is a more complex reality than even the deities that created it can fully understand, much less intelligent mortals. For a druid, a patron deity is a spiritual guide, and an intermediary between nature as a whole and the individual druid. The particular deity that a druid follows shapes the druid's perception of nature, but it is nature that the druid ultimately serves, not the deity.

Intelligent beings, to druids, are perpetual crises, always threatening to disrupt "the Balance" in their willful blindness to nature. Ironically, it is up to intelligent beings to protect and restore that balance. Whether intelligent beings are themselves part of nature, or inherently aberrations that are more trouble then they're worth, is a matter of profound controversy among druids, and blood has been shed in the course of the debate more than once.

Druids distrust abstract ideals. They are, in a sense, invaders from outside the prime material, outside the living world. Intelligent beings tend to be entirely too concerned with matters like Justice, Honor, Freedom, Hatred, Domination, and Vengeance, and this can blind them to the complex living reality in which they live. Intelligent beings following their ideals disrupt the balance of nature much the way that clearing a road disrupts a forest.

Druids see some clerics, particularly those of nature deities, as allies, even if too involved in the politics and turmoil of the cities. Clerics are civilization incarnate, and many clerics are sentience at its worst: devotion to false ideals that utterly blind them to the real world. Clerics are absorbed in preparing for an endgame, while druids try to prevent the game of life from ever ending. Monks are almost incomprehensible to druids: their devotion to abstract ideals make them almost completely alien to the natural world.