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Tales Of Moonsea
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  Tales of Moonsea


(Base Race- HALF-ORC, Sub Race- None)

Even in the tolerant lands of Faerun, a half-orc's life is hardly ever easy. Some human areas tolerate half- orcs, making their lives no harder than the lives of other settlers in the area. Other human areas despise half-orcs and persecute them, making life in the open with savage orc tribes look survivable by comparison.

* Ability Adjustments: +2 Strength, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma.

* Darkvision: Half-orcs can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

* Favored Class: Barbarian: A multiclass half-orc's barbarian class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty. Ferocity runs in a half-orc's veins.


Half-orcs are fairly common throughout Faerun. They have no true homeland to call their own and as a result most spend their lives wandering the world in search of a purpose. Half-orcs are invariably the product of a human and an orc, but stories are told of half- orcs carrying the blood of dwarves, goblins, hobgoblins, and even halflings, gnomes and elves. Orcs are the fecund race, and such stories likely have some genesis in truth. A half-orc is usually about as tall as a human and a little heavier. Their skin tends to be gray with green or even purple undertones, and their faces feature sloping brows, jutting jaws with prominent teeth, and flat, squashed noses. This and their coarse body hair make their lineage plain for all to see.


Half-orcs have been a part of Faerun for a very long time, but nonetheless they have never organized into a true civilization of their own. Unique half-orcs often gain great power in their chosen field and become well kown in history texts, but their exploits are always in the name of another people, or (more often) isolated incidents not tied to any particular civilization.


Most half-orcs are surly individuals who endured horrible childhoods. They are too coarse and savage to fit in well with humans, and too fragile and thoughtful to fit in with orcs. As a result, the majority of half-orcs grow up alone and without any influence from orc or human society. Thus, half-orcs speak their mind and act upon their feelings without any fear of repercussions. They are nomads, loners, and hermits at best, and murderers and savages at worst. Without a place to call a home, and often without a family or close friends to count on for companionship, half-orcs learn from an early age to look out for themselves. This is often interpreted as greed or selfishness by other races, but too many half-orcs have learned the hard way that they are not welcome in any land, and must provide for themselves .

Half-Orc Characters

Half-orcs natural strenght and toughness push them strongly toward fighters and barbarians and away from the spellcasting classes. Half-orcs rogues are common as well. Favored Class: Barbarian; half-orcs shun society as a rule and as a result must be strong and able to survive in the wilderness. Prestige Classes: Half-orcs, in their nomadic travels, are often exposed to a wide range of prestige classes. As a result, it isn't unusual for a higher level half-orc to possess one or two levels in just about any prestige class she can meet the requirements for.

Half-Orc Society

Although the half-orcs of Faerun have no true nation to call their own, there are some small regions in the world that are ruled by their kind. Strangely, it seems that when half-orcs gather in large groups like this, they tend to be much more civilizated than their feral orc kin. The city of Palischuk in Vaasa, for example, is a ruined rebuilt by a large tribe of nearly ten thousand half-orcs who now trade peacefully with their neighbors. Another example is Phsant in Thesk, a city with a strong gray orc presence and a growing half-orc community. 

Language and Literacy

All half-orcs speak both Common and Orc. They are accepted on the fringes of both orc and human societies, and being able to communicate clearly with both dramatically increases a half-orc's chance to find allies. Although they don't particularly make gifted linguists, half-orcs learn a number of other languages simply as a result of their nomafic, wandering lifestyles. Other languages commonly learned by half-orcs include Damaran, Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, Illuskan, and Undercommon. All half-orcs are literate except for barbarians, adepts, commoners, and warriors.

Half-Orc Magic and Lore

Half-orcs do not have a centralized society that they can call their own, and as a result have not developed any unique racial spells or spellcasting traditions.

Half-Orc Magic Items

In keeping their proclivity toward warfare, half- orcs prefer magic weapons and armors as a rule. Their dangerous lives often depend on their offensive and defensive capabilities. Items like bats of disguise are popular among half-orcs who dwell in regions where their kind if hated or mistrusted.

Half-Orc Deities

Half-orcs who remain among their orc kindred worship the gods of the orc pantheon, often with greater belief and fervor than regular orcs since many half-orcs feel the need to prove to their deities that they are just as powerful and strong as their full-blooded orc kindred. Those half-orcs who do not dwell among orcs are free to choose their deities as they will. Common patron deities for such half-orcs include Bane, Garagos, Hoar, Loviatar, Malar, Talona, Tempus, and Tyr.

Relations with Other Races

Half-orcs have uphill battles to fight when interacting with most other races, since many are quick to assume that their orcish blood carries with it an inherent savagery and cruelty. Most half-orcs return this suspicion and trepidation when interacting with others. They make friends only with difficulty. Once trust is established, it is often a fleeting thing that can be fractured with one misinterpreted comment. Often, a half-orc joins an adventuring company and never feels fully at ease with her traveling companions no matter how many times they have proven their loyalty.

Half_Orc Equipment

Half-orcs, as a race, have not developed any unique tyoes of exotic weapons, although many individuals favor orc weapons such as the double axe. Most of them are reticent about owning more equipment and gear than they can easily carry, both because of their nomadic spirits and because they must always be ready to tear up their roots and move on if their neightbors suddenly decide to turn on them.

Animals and Pets

Half-orcs are particularly fond of keeping animals as pets, since pets have few preconceived notions about a person's background or race. Hunting dogs, horses, and falcons are all popular choices, and those with particular skill at Handle Animals sometimes train more dangerous monsters like owlbears, spider eaters, and dire naimals as pets or minions.