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1. Must have a Deity in Deity field.

2. Multiclassing Restriction:

The following table lists other known holy orders of paladins, the deity they hold as a patron, and the character classes open to paladins of that order for the purpose of multiclassing freely (orders of paladins that do not allow multiclassing freely, such as the Swords of the High One -paladins of Azuth- are not listed.) Some deities have more than one associated order of paladins; these are listed sequentially. Not all paladins have to be associated with an order, but only those that are part of an order can multiclass freely. Other lawful good, lawful neutral, and neutral good deities that are not listed here can have paladins, but there are no known paladin orders for those faiths (in effect, paladins of those faiths are uncommon enough that rarely are there enough to band together and form an order). To play an actual member of any official order requires DM approval: these are simply multi-class guidelines. Paladins of other gods may not multi-class back and forth between Paladin and any other class.

Deity Order  Multiclass Allowed Desciption
Arvoreen Arvoreen's Marchers cleric, fighter, rogue An order in Tethyr recognized by the crown, they are highly respected by local humans and halflings alike. Their chapterhouse is called Keeperstone.
Baravar Knights of the Shadowy Cloak cleric, fighter, illusionist, rogue This order keeps a low profile in gnome commushadow communities and seeks to eliminate goblinoids, kobolds, and other evil humanoids, for these creatures cannot be redeemed. They work secretly so as to not attract attention or retaliation to local gnome communities.
Berronar Berronar's Valkyries cleric, dwarven defender This Truesilver order is exclusively female. They observe battles until they see a group of allies in particular danger, at which point they charge in to help. Most favor training involving mobility in battle.
Chauntea Field Guardians cleric, divine champion, divine disciple. Paladins of the Grain Goddess are rare. They value compassion as much as courage, and spend much time helping common folk in rural area.
Gaerdal Shields of the Golden Hills cleric, fighter. They are a Ironhand strictly organized order dedicated to defending gnome communities against any attackers and serving as officers and champions of larger gnome military assemblies.
Helm Vigilant Eyes of the God arcane devotee, cleric, fighter, divine champion, Purple Dragon knight Paladins of the Watcher prefer to guard against evil or slay it outright rather than work to heal its damages. They seem rigid and uninterested in helping others.
Horus-Re Claws of the Sun and the Ankh cleric, divine champion, divine disciple, hierophant Caring little for day-to-day politics, this relatively new order spends most of its time fighting servants of Set (or even Anhur, when he has been causing trouble).
Ilmater Order of the Golden Cup cleric, divine disciple, hierophant This order is dedicated to healing and protecting the sick, innocent, and weak, rather than seeking out evil to destroy. They are not opposed to such actions, but see their role as something different.
Ilmater Companions of the Noble Heart divine champion, fighter The Companions are the aggressive counterparts to the Golden Cup, for they are tasked with eliminating the cruel and those who are known to enjoy the torture and suffering of others. The church of Loviatar is their greatest enemy.
Kelemvor Knights of the Eternal Order cleric, doomguide This is a recently-created order, founded to seek out and destroy powerful undead that tax the powers of the normal branches of the church.
Lathander Order of the Aster cleric, divine champion, divine disciple, hierophant, Purple Dragon knight Paladins of the Morninglord are among the best-loved heroes of Faerûn. They are loosely organized (along with other fighters devoted to the god) into the holy order. Within their own church paladins are frequently more conservative and concerned with the way things should be done than the clerics, who are often neutral rather than lawful.
Milil Harmonious Order fighter This group of personable and swaggering paladins encourages bards (whom they tolerate despite alignment differences) to accompany them to create ballads based on their exploits. Their role is to guard Milil's churches and do good works in Milil's name.
Moradin Hammers of Moradin cleric, fighter, divine champion, dwarven defender, runecaster The Soul Forger has few paladins, but the dwarves who choose this path often act as champions of the entire dwarven pantheon, blending the virtues of all the dwarven gods.
Mystra Knights of the Mystic Fire guild wizard of Waterdeep, wizard. This group of paladins often accompanies other members of the church on quests to locate lost hoards of ancient magic. The church draws upon their ranks for the leaders of temple guardians.
Nobanion Legion of Lions (wemics and werelions only) cleric, divine champion Founded shortly after the Time of Troubles, this fellowship exists to protect good-aligned monsters and slay the servants of Malar.
Osiris Order of the Risen Scepter cleric, ranger Drawn exclusively from those who have died in combat with servants of Set and been raised from the dead (sometimes spontaneously by the power of Osiris), they are primarily hunters of Set's minions.
Red Knight Order of the Red Falcon divine champion, fighter Housed in the Citadel of Strategic Militancy (northeast of Baldur's Gate), this small order has a history of triumphing in the face of overwhelming odds. They train officers and others in tactics and military history.
Siamorphe Order of the Silver Chalice aristocrat, fighter This group is primarily Tethyrian nobles dedicated to locating lost members of noble families and restoring to power those who will govern with the interests of the common people at heart. After several years of debate, they have decided to support the queen of Tethyr, and the crown recognizes them as a knightly order.
Sune Sisters and Brothers of the Ruby Rose divine champion Paladins of the Firehair defend things of beauty. They seek out and destroy creatures that are particularly hideous in their evil. They tend to be incredibly self-confident and are particularly effective as destroying undead.
Torm Order of the Golden Lion Any one other class Paladins of the True God defend the weak, defeat evil, and uphold the high moral standards required for a servant of a god who serves bright and righteous Tyr.
Tyr Knights of Holy Judgment cleric, divine champion This order focuses on the more lawful aspects of Tyr's philosophy, and hunts and punishes criminals and lawbreakers, particularly devils (seen as abhorrent perversions of a lawful society).
Tyr Knights of the Merciful Sword fighter, divine champion This order is focuses on upholding good in the world as defined by Tyr, and slays all kinds of evil monsters, particularly demons.
Yondalla Shields of Yondalla monk (Hin Fist). Paladins of the Protector and Provider are rare, but in halfling-run lands such as Luiren they serve their fellow citizens with sword and shield.
Yondalla Wayward Wardens cleric, ranger This group is a loose fellowship of wandering halflings who feel the need to see the world and aren't tied to any particular settlement. They protect halfling communities whenever they are found in need of help.