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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
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Tales of Moonsea

he ToM Team

This is just a part of the Tales of Moonsea Team. Mostly the part we do not keep locked away slaving in tiny cubicles doing all the scripting and building. Those DMs do not have time to write tiny blurbs about themselves and what they do for us yet.

Active DMs


"88fingerslouie is an area builder and adventuring DM with the ToM team. While you usually won't see his hand in too many plot twists and clever political manuevering between factions, he will mistake your trip to some outlying destination or walk amongst the trees as a chance to ambush you with a DM quest, most likely right before you're about to log off for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, 88's usually making it. He spends most of his free time cooking on his grill, or building furniture out of scrap wood, along with petitioning the state of Texas to secede from the union again."

Agent Orange

"A nice guy, an upstanding citizen and a remarkable contibutor to his comunity. Those are the things this DM stopped being after overdosing on Orange Crush while attending a church choir get-together. Ever since he has taken on online gaming, ending up as a DM in ToM, where he has earned his nickname because of the desolation left behind every time he logs in.

When not mindlessly picking on innocent garden vegatables, he dedicates his play time to raise unholy herds of undead hervibores to do his bidding. The simple mention of the Zombie Bunny Rampage of 1372 DR or the Great Broccoli Famine are enough to send shivers down the spine of even the most battle-hardened vegetarians."


"Agrafes is the script kiddie in charge of making your spells fizzle, your newbie quests spawn dragons and your gear disappear mysteriously. All complaints about bugs should be directed to and ignored by him. In the rare occasions he is in game, he tests the death scripts thoroughly on hand picked volunteers.

In his free time he likes to search for lost galleons full of treasure in the German lakes of Swabia, which explains why he spends his waking hours and a good part of his sleeping ones in full scuba diving gear. Inexplicably, he hasn't found any treasure yet, which has driven him into bouts of desperation and long naked runs in the woods. He is considering running in the next edition of the Nude Berlin Marathon."


"Codex was found by the DM team in the dark, dusty recesses of an ancient ruined library. Now kept chained to a pedestal in the server room, his malevolence sometimes seeps into the machine at dangerous levels, creating occasional hordes of undead and flinging fireballs into clumps of adventurers.

Codex likes to play "sorcerer's apprentice" to Agrafes (sometimes with similar results), usually working with scripts and systems. He can often be found lurking in IRC, where he waits for bugs to rear their ugly heads, springing into action, jumping in-game to quash them--often crashing the server in the process. At other times, he'll be behind some nasty, insidious plot in-game."


"CognitiveChaos is in charge of all that is fluffy, sparkly and good in ToM. As such, CC tends to spend long hours bored while the other DMs run amok. Secretly, CC wants to be just like the other DMs and is studying them to ensure perfection when their identities are assumed.

In CCs spare time, amusement is gained from knife sharpening, cat herding, and butter and flies sculpture. Butter and flies sculptures of the other DMs line CCs walls, and can be purchased for whatever remains of your soul. If your soul is already sold, other parts can be bartered for one of these fine works of art."


"Combs (not to be confused with Brushes) merged with the ToM DM team after the development of his Neverwinter Nights 1 PW, "Islands of Elysium", took a turn for the worse. Generally a nice guy by nature, he can often be found in IRC giving bad advice to various players regarding their characters.

Combs is primarily a plot DM, occasionally dabbling into the toolset department only to fail horribly, somehow murdering his computer in the process. if you're in game and need a DM, message Combs on IRC! Chances are he's reformatting his computer though."


"ComfortablyNumb is just that, he is numb and comfortable with being such. He potters about placing goblins on high ledges, skeletons behind barricades and dragons in bushes.

It's cold in England, so he enjoys musing over his selection of warm winter coats and snazzy pull-overs."

Harry McScary

"HarryMcScary is the the lesser known brother of cousin IT, a fully haired member of the Adam's family clan, and full fledged curmudgeon. When he was younger, super models frequently mistook him as a new designer coat: this has twisted his mind and he now seeks enough PC scalps to make a replica of himself so he can get revenge. Once he loses that excuse, he'll find another - he's good at making excuses, just ask his wife about the infamous 'Trash Incident'

When he's not making excuses to gather his hideous booty, HarryMcScary is a real party animal! He loves disco, and while he cannot wear the traditioal mens dancing outfit he has learned that beading his hair and shaking his rear can really get the girls attention. A famous woman recently told her friend, "That's so hot!" (Thanks Paris, he liked it a lot!) So grab your bell bottoms, put on a groovy tune and dance the night away!"


"I am Gurb. I'll be around generally causing mischief. Or grief. I'm never sure which one is which. Anyway, I'll be spicing quests, possessing NPCs, running plots, performing admin duties, and giving you all the love you never got when you were kids.

When I'm not finding and testing new ways of having your characters in deadly situations, I crawl back to my pod and hibernate until the stars are right again."


"LimboDancing has been carefully groomed for years to become a DM, and millions of dollars have been spent in beer and pizza to that effect. We are now proud to say that the outcome has exceeded even our wildest expectations of miserable failure. But hey, it"s not like anyone will notice the difference with the other DMs.

He dislikes convoluted plots and prefers to run simple quests in which the players can avoid long winded conversations and skip to the part where they dance their way under a flaming stick. Or else."


"Marplot was once an aspiring actor, but sadly due to a grotesque face, he was forced to DM. He can be found quite easily lurking about the server doing silly impersonations of important people.

Marplot likes to kill off adventurers in impromptu performances of nasty villians and daring heros. Just don't look directly at his face"

Professor Misclick

"A once promising student of the fine art of pasta tossing and deep frying, he was cast out from the presitgious Culinary School of Greasy Spoons for a simple misunderstanding. How was he to know that everyone else smelled gas when he was lighting the match? Now with a haircut and face made for internet, he looks for others to partake in his next accident and wholesale destruction. The DMs thought it was better to have him distracted by the players then be focused on them. Accidents happen you know?"

In game, expect the Professor to be possessing random NPCs, advancing plots, and helping those who ask with character development and personal storyline progression. Anything he says about scripting or the toolset is likely wrong, he knows it and now you do too!"


"Ril is the child DM. He has been a child for the best part of his twenties and thirties, which kinds of make him the star of every playgroup he attends. His main hobbies are running around aimlessly, speaking nonsense and bringing entire parties to their doom.

His often misunderstood speech, also known as 'Rilspeak', has been linked to a diet essentially composed of cookies, candy and love. The constant overdose of sugar has probably turned his brain's speech center to mush."


"Sceer is the resident forum monkey, area builder, small time plot maker and disrupting DM on ToM. Whenever a building is floating 4 feet above the ground, you can walk through a wall without harm or a plot is far too silly to play along with, blame Sceer. However, it should be noted that when he is threatened (or he goes into heat), Sceer's butt balloons and reddens to a deep crimson. Despite generous applications of various topical creams, the malady only abates after a comforting pep-talk by Sceer's hand puppet."


On temporary leave

Hint of Insanity

"This DM's nick couldn't be farther removed from his actual personality. But we thought the originally proposed nick of 'Batshit Insane' was not appropriate for the tone of the server. He is best known for his manic depression disorder whereby he behaves as a maniac and then leaves a trail of depressed players in his wake. Or most often, their wakes.

It is always advisable to avoid him, throwing your party members at him if necessary. If inevitably confronted with his presence, remember to always agree with him, to never look at his armpits, and to address him as 'Your Nippleness'."


"Oroborous is the resident plot DM on ToM. So anytime the cliches are out of control, the denouement denu-went, or the plot hole gets wide enough for an obese whale to swim through blame him.

In his spare time, Oroborous likes to swallow his own tail; listen to himself talk, and win arguments with himself because no one else bothers to even try arguing with him anymore."

Professional Griefer

"Without a doubt the most dedicated DM, he has taken as a job what for most of us is merely a hobby. He started early as a bully in pre-school, where he would often torment other children with gut-wrenching diaper wedgies. Midway through kindergarten he had stolen enough lunch money to finance his first set of brass knuckles, and by the time he finished high school he was the CEO and sole proprietor of Bully Consulting Inc., a major firm in the field of outsourced abuse.

He offered his services to ToM as he realized the demand for griefers in NWN2 servers could never be met with the remnants from dying action servers. We wholeheartedly agreed and he was selected as a DM after a grueling interview in which he demonstrated how to stuff several players into non magical containers, a skill that will save the server a lot of money previously spent in bags of holding used for the same purpose. "


"Redshift7 likes holidaying in the outer reaches of existence. His day job in ToM mainly consists of inspecting damp cobbles laid down within Phlan's streets; possessing the vermin crawling down dark alley ways and Council chambers; experimenting with sound and vision that usually results in lots of flashy fireballs and rapidly decreasing Hitpoints for the brave foolish adventurers; whilst relaxing engineering petty squabbles and death threats within Phlan's power brokers. He is a Cancerian male in his late twenties WLTM any who enjoy the above."

The Beggar

"The Beggar is a hobo we picked up from the streets. He approached ToM attracted by offerings of booze and cardboard boxes, and never left again. Our loving care, affection, and shackles were too much for him to reject."

He earns his daily jug of moonshine posessing the server lowlife, running discount DM quests and scavenging dropped items and XP left behind by careless players. We have almost overcome his bodily scent, and likewise, his bodily scent will probably overcome you. If he tries to engage in conversation, run. We mean it."

Retired DMs


Mr. C