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Tales Of Moonsea
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Tales of Moonsea

he ToM Team 

Here is who we are and what we do, as of January 2018.

Active DMs

Main DMs--responsible for plot, storylines, events. Approach us with questions about lore, individual RPs, character plots.

  • Mapolq (also does custom content, area work, shops, crafting systems, all around Boss and final arbiter of all the Things)
  • Ravial (new DM as of December 2017, be nice!)
  • Rhia474 (she is mostly making sure y'all are entertained)

DM/Developer--DMing for a specific plotline, lore, and a lot of custom content. Also pays for the server.

  • Happycrow

Developer--custom content, area work, scripting:

  • Azathoth
  • DCHP

About to Be Retired/Inactive DMs

  • Viking
  • Cryosphere
  • Fayde