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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
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  Based in the Harbor district of

he Sentinels Of Aventus

Based in the Harbor district of Phlan 'The Sentinels Of Aventus' have partial or complete ownership of various bars, brothels, and watering holes in the city. Mariana Aventus, the Lady of the House and daughter of the founder Denethen, is a former bounty hunter, and the House supports such activities often. Aventus agents, known as 'Wardens' carry a reputation of being dangerous and are particularly disliked by those operating out of the shadiest corners of the city.

Notable Members

Mariana Aventus

An attractive, strangely quiet lady in her early 30's. She has a very slight frame and her blood red hair is normally fastened up in a pony tail. She is reluctant to talk about the history of her families storied past and is quick to change the subject if and when it comes up.

Mariana was approached by former City Watch Commander (and current Council member) Erril Lesset soon after she took over as head of the organisation from her estranged father.

He was so impressed with the 'professionalism' Aventus showed he used his contacts to get them established as a prominent organisation within the city, and thus The Sentinals Of Aventus was born. Mariana has surrounded herself with aides, helpers, assistants and the like to assist her with the day to day running of the busy organization.