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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
Players: 0 / 30

  Based in the Harbor district of

he Dreadlord's Throne, The Temple of Bane

The former temple of Bane, an impressive mass of stone reflecting the power of the Dark Lord, is now in ruins after the latest war resulted in it being razed and burned down. The restoration of the church of Bane in Phlan aims to restore the temple to its former might, but this is still an ongoing work. Meanwhile, the day to day operations of the church of Bane are directed from a much smaller temporary shrine in the Old City.

High Priest Samun Oklapet has been tasked with the reconstruction of the temple and the reshaping of Bane's cult in Phlan. The objective is not only to turn the temple into a safe area for new converts, but also to show the ability of the church of Bane to be a pacifying force in the city for political purposes.

Notable Members

Samun Oklapet
His old age is not apparent beyond his white hair and beard, he is physically a rather imposing man. He behaves in a calm and collected way, rarely allowing his emotions to dictate his actions, although an occasional fit of rage is known to burst every now and then. He is a prime example of the most palatable side of Bane, a strict and selfless ruler bent on bringing order to the city even beyond the church direct interests. When he is not celebrating rituals, he spends most of his time in his office, directing the rebuilding efforts.

Ralik Emivan [black hair and beard]
He is the head of the temple guard, and while not being clergy himself nobody but Samun among the temple priests dares to disobey his orders. Samun has delegated a large part of the temple activites not directly related to the reconstruction to him. He is directly in charge of two particularly important tasks: the clearing of the temple and its surroundings and the recruitment of new operatives. Small of frame, quick of tongue as he is of blade, Ralik is a personally charming person and he likes to engage anyone in casual conversation, including the occasional paladins that are forced to meet him in certain city events.