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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
Players: 0 / 30

  Based in the Harbor district of

varar Trading Corporation

The wealthiest of the merchant houses based in Phlan, Evarar deals mainly in arms, a profitable trade in the often war beset, and dangerous region of the Moonsea. They supply almost all the weapon and armor merchants that don't forge their own goods, from their Estate and Warehouses in the Kudo's well district.  It has been headed by Olso Evarar for the past 30 years, a well known art collector whom with his wife Padele and son Edmund form part of Phlan's elite upper class. Olso is assisted by his long term friend Drengle Harte, company secretary.

Notable Members

Olso Evarar
His father Romand Evarar was a small time business man who went bust early on in Olso's life, meaning a lot of his childhood was spent hungry. Olso then vowed he would never be poor, and to be wealthy to help support his father and his mother. They now live in a small estate nearby enjoying retirement.

He soon realized as he matured that arms dealing would be the most profitable in a war torn landscape. He enjoyed great success, helped by his aggressive attitudes toward making deals.

He is known to dote on his beautiful wife Padale Evarar, and has a son who he adores and spoils entirely. His son is a loose cannon and will often go off on drunken brawls embarrassing his family much to Olso's immense frustration.

His estate remained remarkably untouched in the war. A fact that many of his critics do not fail to note. In fact he appears to have profited greatly from the recent conflict.