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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
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  Tales of Moonsea

aegar's Legionaries

Originally a mercenary company called the Axe of the North, led by Maxim Raegar, House Raegar's mercenary work proved profitable enough, and skilled enough to gain the wealth and influence to rise to House status. The focus of the House has remained largely the same, though they now control several smaller mercenary groups. They serve as a deterrent to attacks from other city's, being able to support the City Watch, as well as supplying mercenary forces to the same aggressors. Much of their respect is actually based on this, as the Council realizes lacking their support could become a major problem in war.

Notable Members

General Maxim Raegar
Maxim Raegar is a self-made man. Originally a member of the Axe of the North mercenary force at the age of 20, he showed keen intellect, and as he gradually rose through the ranks, began changing the company's focus towards a strategic and elite front, rather then relying upon brute force. A stern commander, with a no nonsense approach to his leadership, he takes a dim view of "wayward" soldiers, often seeing them ousted from his ranks.

Now in his late 30's, Raegar maintains his physical fitness, and still leads operations for the Raegar Legionnaires, the renamed Axe of the North company, after he assumed command during a border skirmish with Thar, in which the original commander vanished, and was presumed dead.