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Tales Of Moonsea - The Herald of Chaos
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  Tales of Moonsea

he Waiting, The Temple of Tyr

This is the largest and until recently only temple in operation in Phlan. It is a beautiful building of white marble, adorned with a repeating balance scales motif. It is dedicated to Tyr, god of justice. Tyr worship is enjoying a great surge in popularity, as many see Phlan's rebuilding success as a sign that the god watches over them. It is run by Holondos Stimpiir and six subpriests. Bishop Dirten Andorias, who is often here, is responsible for the outlands of Phlan. The Waiting's exterior is composed of high walls are dotted with arrow slits and topped with machicolations (additionally they are enchanted with verbal alarms to alert Tyrian clerics when the temple is under attack) and massive gates of ornately carved wood over thick plates of forge-hardened steel. Within is a vast courtyard that surrounds the main temple. The temple itself is a square utilitarian building of dark stone topped by a single gleaming bronze dome.

The entrance of the temple is comprised of a dozen marble pillars supporting a fašade carved with friezes of a stern-faced Tyr dispensing either riches or jagged lightning bolts to petitioners kneeling before him. The main hall itself is a great round room of gray stone under a gilded bronze dome. The floor is an intricately crafted mosaic of weight scales resting on a warhammer. Dominating the room though is the the altar itself, with the holy relic of the Silver Scales of Tyr resting atop it. Notoriously missing from the altar is the Hammer of Tyr, which disappeared after the latest razing of the city and is being sought with relentless zeal by many Tyrrans, both local and arrived from distant lands. On the floor, near the altar, is a green stone which can be depressed, causing the great dome above to split into seven sections that recede into the temple walls, leaving the hall open to the sky. Outside the main hall are stairs leading to the living quarters, armory, library and kitchens.

Consecrated burial vaults lie underneath the temple. They are available for the interment of any adventurer who either dies in Tyr's service.

Notable Members

Holondos Stimpiir
Holondos is an aging man, and he is starting to feel the weight of the years and what he has witnessed through them. He considers himself responsible for the loss of the Hammer of Tyr, even though there was nothing he could do to prevent the destruction of Phlan. This, as well as the enormous task of bringing Justice back to Phlan's laws and to its citizens' lives have cast a shadow of sadness over him, which is often apparent to those talking to him. He is above all a kind and good person, and he will always have a word of encouragement for those fighting for Justice or suffering from the lack of it.

Wynth Summerset
Recently elected as a Councilwoman, she is a young and brave paladin that is having a hard time settling into her new position. She is widely regarded as the heir apparent of Holondos in the hierarchy of the Waiting. She is also widely rumored to have an affair with Holondos, but this is considered an old wives' tlale by most serious observers. However, her likable character and beauty, and the long times she spends with the priest when not in Council do nothing but to reinforce the rumors.

Bishop Dirten Andorias
The prototype of a warring priest, he is rarely seen without combat gear, and this is usually for a good reason. He spend most of his time roaming the surroundings of Phlan with a small band of loyal clerics and adventurers and spreading the justice of Tyr, more often than not with his sword. He is seen often in the Waiting, where he is technically second in the hierarchy, but he seems happy to leave that responsibility to Councilor Summerset. It is said that despite their religious and political differences he is a good friend of Maxim Raegar, and they have been seen fighting side by side in more than one occasion.