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restige Classes

Minimum requirements to be considered for a PrC: 

Arcane Archers: Arcane Archers lead elven war bands. As such, its expected that anyone obtaining the class has demonstrated leadership in an elven war band or similar group. Meeting and being trained by an Arcane Archer is another alternative. When you apply, detail which method you have used to reach the point where you feel you are ready to apply for the class.

Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep: Seek to raise the study of magic to the level of an academic discipline. Endevor to understand the fundamental processes of magic and the inner workings of the Weave, which is the fabric that underlies all magic. This can apply to spellcasters of any alignment.

Arcane Trickster: Training, gain a level of status as a Mage in a thieving organization ,or Rogue in a mage organization.

Assassin: Assassin's are required to have killed another sentient being before being able to take this PrC. When you apply, make a list of bounties you have collected. Do not apply unless you have collected on at the very least one bounty.

Blackguard: Since these are the epitome's of evil you are required to have demonstrated a commitment to spreading evil. You must also have made peaceful contact with an evil outsider who can train or give you the powers of a blackguard. Leading an evil organization also helps.

Divine Champion: You must demonstrate your commitment to your deity and be known as a powerful warrior in that deities service.

Duelist: See Weapon Master below.

Dwarven Defender: As champions of the dwarven race, dwarven defenders are sworn to protect the dwarven way of life. Very rarely, a defender is sworn to fulfill a quest of great importance to the dwarven clans. Even rarer, is a dwarven defender sworn to uphold some other goals. When you apply, be sure to include a description of your goal and what you protect as a champion of the dwarven lifestyle.

Eldritch Knight: Demonstrate in game an understanding of fighting techniques blended with the use of magic both in preparation and in actual battle that goes beyond the general buffing up in preparation of a coming fight.

Frenzied Berserker: Barbarian (pure). Fearless/Non-coward, Chaotic. Training: earn in game as Weapon Master

Harper Scout: Earn in-game as a Harper.

Invisible Blade: Master the use of daggers and related weapons in combat. Train under an NPC or PC Invisible Blade, much like the Weapon Master PrC.

Neverwinter Nine (probable name change): Acknowledging the level 4 feat power, and the general elite status of the class, they require being a bodyguard (or guard-captain, etc), to a major PC figure, preferably a council member, in our setting.

Pale Master: To become a pale master, you must research a ritual and spend three days locked in a tomb with animate undead. The contact may be peaceful or violent, but is mandatory to master the skills of a Pale Master. Send an application, if approved you will have to roleplay finding the ritual and fulfilling its obligations.

Red Dragon Disciple: Have draconic background, research dragonlore, undertake methods to locate said lore, and perform rituals.

Red Wizard of Thay: Become a prominent Red Wizard of Thay (an application for which is also required), either alone or as part of an organisation.

Shadow Thief of Amn: High ranking in a criminal organization, or otherwise elite criminal status.

Shadowdancer: Shadow Dancers are rumored to have connections to Shar, but wandering troupes of Shadow Dancers are as likely to be good as evil. To become a Shadowdancer you should find and be trained by a PC or NPC Shadowdancer. They do exist in game, enjoying hanging out in shadows or liking dark places is NOT enough to qualify for this PrC.

Stormlord: Display and promote the desctuctive nature of lightning and thunder. Normally reserved for ranking members of the Clergy of Talos, but could apply to Druids also.

Warpriest: Earn in game as a high ranking Priest of War for an official Clergy

Weapon Master: Apply for this PrC as early as you can. It has no special requirements via roleplaying, although studying martial skills under the tutalege of a current PC or NPC weapon master should be mentioned on your application.

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